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Tandem Photography is proud to offer an exciting, inspirational and educational range of workshops, mentoring and lessons for 2017. With tailored learning and education options for all levels we have something for everyone with an interest in photography.

Below is a list and information on the courses we offer.

Professional Mentoring

One on one tailored business and photography mentoring to get your photography career moving in the right direction.
$180 +GST per hour PLUS book 4 mentoring sessions and your 5th one is free!


One on one tutoring Learn how to get great results by understanding your DSLR, session is customized and run at a speed to suit your knowledge level.
$135 per hour PLUS book 4 one on one sessions and your 5th one is free!


Learn manual control so you can enjoy your camera more. Having full control of your camera will allow you to be more confident taking photographs.

This course will cover the basics of manual control with your camera presented across 8 hours.

  • Understand the relationship between Shutter, Aperture and ISO
  • Make correct light readings for your subject
  • Having control of your depth of field to enhance the photograph
  • Gain an understanding of how different focal length lenses change your capture
  • Tips and tricks for creating great compositions.
  • An introduction to understanding light.
Only $250 for 8 hours of learning
More dates coming soon….